Acupuncture Models
Acupuncture Healing com. established in 1995, in Carlsbad CA, 92011. We proud introduce the widest selection of acupuncture needles you'll find anywhere! Best prices and superior quality. No matter what your preference, we have a needle to suit your needs. Our signature brand is Seirin, providing painless acupuncture for over 25 years. We also carry a wide selection of products from other manufacturers such as Millennia, Kingli, Tai-Chi, Nano-Tech, DBC, Hwa-To, Hua-Xia and Carbo. Our assortment includes press, bleeding, and Seven Star needles as well. We believe our selection of needles are the finest quality products currently available. We display needles on Trade Shows and professional Conventions, by Buyamag Inc.
Acupuncture Needles
A painless Acupuncture Needle may also help to relieve the stress and anxiety a patient may feel prior to an acupuncture session.
Tdp Infrared Mineral Lamps
This Second Generation TDP Lamp with Upgraded Timer design, Microcomputer Processor, Digital & Liquid Crystal Display.
Acu-Locator & Ion Pump
Acupuncture Points Digital Finder for Auricular & body Acupuncture Treatments.Advanced Point Detector & stimulator
ElectroAcupuncture Stimulators
Acupuncture Stimulator is a compact, user friendly and easy to use. Widely used in Acupuncture Clinical practice. Easy to operate, Portable.
Qi Gong Massager Infrasonic
This digital Qi Gong Massager Machine was developed by Researcher and Original Inventer of Qi Gong Massager,Dr.Simon Wang,M.D.,Ph.D.